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We block heat loss, save energy and prevent water intrusion
Wall Stabilisation
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Save over 50% on your heating bills.

Why Re Roof – Repair, protect & Insulate in one go – At a fraction of the price of a new roof.

Solves all your roofing & insulation problems quickly & permanently.

Spray foam insulation is so cost effective it has the shortest payback time 1 – 2 years compared to 10 years
for solar panels and the highest return of any of the other renewable or energy saving building products on the market.

Provides a leak free, lightweight, breathable, plastic monolithic system.

Only insulation to be recommended by the Association of British Insurers (A.B.I.), DEFRA,
DCLG & environment agency to use in flood risk areas & to pass the B.R.E. flood resilience test.

We will reduce your energy bills you thought not possible.

Spray foam insulation is the most versatile insulation on the market.

Spray foam is applied rapidly to exposed areas speeding up construction and repairs.

Protects you & your home in both cold & warm conditions.

Reduce your carbon foot print & protect your house at the same time.

U value is negated (Ineffective) without an air seal. Ecotite sprayfoam provides a U value and an air seal.

Increases the value & selling potential of your property.

Prevents any costly ongoing repairs & maintenance when applied directly to the roof !

We promise we won’t be beaten on any like for like quote.

We have depots in London, Yorkshire & Wales and cover the whole of the U.K.

Three Important reasons for Airtightness
Saves Money

Up to 90% of all heat loss is due to air leakage through the building fabric. Making the building air tight is the main factor in achieving top energy efficiency. Consider an airplane when flying at 35,000 feet the plane is exposed to an outside air temperature of –50F (-46c) with a wind chill factor as low as -150F (-101c). The body of an airplane is typically just 2 inches thick, but passengers don’t freeze because it is airtight. Once a structure is airtight it takes very little energy to maintain a consistent temperature.


Water can enter a building in 2 ways, either as a liquid or as a vapour. Controlling how water enters and leaves a building is an important step when trying to maintain a durable building, as over 90 percent of building problems are moisture related. Excessive water in a building envelope will compromise the structural integrity of the building.


Standing water and water damaged timbers or insulation can quickly result in the growth of mold and bacteria and this can lead to an insect infestation. Mold growth is a real concern because mold spores in the air can result in headaches, breathing difficulties, allergic reactions and can aggravate asthma.




Wind Proof


Blocks heat loss




seamless & snug


Manufacturers guarantee


Light weight






Lowest Price Highest quality

10 good reasons to use Ecotite spray foam insulation

Price–Eco-Friendly–More Healthy
  • An Insulation that pays you back.
  • Only insulation that does more than one job & lasts a lifetime!
  • Effectively blocks the three primary and the three
    secondary mechanisms of heat transfer.
  • Creates a seamless thermal, air & vapour barrier in one application.
  • Healthy, Allows you to control humidity levels at which mold,
    mildew, dust mites and many allergens cannot be sustained.
  • Resistant to wind up lift and dramatically increases
    the structural integrity of the building.
  • Is a proven technology that has been in use for over 25 years on commercial, industrial & residential buildings.
  • Reduces your homes carbon foot print.
  • Impervious to water, insects & vermin.
  • Without insulation from Ecotite your project isn’t complete.

Its not just us that likes the stuff!

I would like to thank your company for the excellent service you have provided me. Wonderful customer care that kept me informed at every necessary point. Workman couldn’t have been more friendly professional and trustworthy. Felt the difference the first night. No more cold bedroom at 4 A.M.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ecotite for its service & product.
Once again thank you for your prompt service and care.
D Davison
Address supplied
D Davison, Worcester
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zac and his team for a professional service from start to finish. Following on from a bad experience with another “Spray foam Insulation company” , we found Zac to be on the ball, with the survey and the follow up quote and installation. Both Zac and his lads where spot on, clean, on time and very very helpful.
We would have no problem recommending them to anyone.
Many Thanks
Mr & Mrs Wilson  
Mr & Mrs Wilson, Luton

When I was looking for a company to quote for insulating the ceiling/roof of our studio theatre I firstly looked for a local company. The nearest was about 40 miles away. It turned out really well because it was Ecotite. I met with their consultant, Zac, and after several discussions and a site visit I decided not to look any further. I am totally satisfied with their sales approach; their presentation; preparation; attention to detail and most importantly the cost of the job.

Prior to my association with Ecotite the theatre was extremely difficult to heat; we would manage to reach about 19 degrees after about 6 hours. After Zac explaining it was because of the waffle concrete slab ceiling all heat dissipated quickly resulting in very large gas bills. Since October 2013 when the foam was installed our heating bills have tumbled. As an example, In December we presented our Christmas show throughout the month. This year it cost us only £78 for the entire 22 days! Once the required temperature was reached and heating switched off we lost maybe one degree in about six hours. In subsequent shows the temperature has been comfortable, occasionally a complaint or two about excess heat!

I wholeheartedly recommend Ecotite.

Peter Swingler OBE

Forum Studio Theatre, Chester

We were recommended to Ecotite by a family friend who had their factory roof and own private residence done. We found the workmen on site to be very good, clean,tidy and very efficient and cleaned up after themselves. The difference has been amazing, reduced our bills by almost half, the house is now a lot warmer and much more comfortable.

I would certainly recommend Ecotite to anyone and the product, as in my mind, is excellent!

Mr & Mrs Simkins, Midlands

I would like to take the opportunity to give a true reference to Zac and Ashley at Ecotite the work carried out at Welsh Slate Penrhyn Quarry was carried out to the highest standard, the quality of the product and the work was exceptional. One of the production units was 50 meter by 25 meter and contained a number of machines which needed to be navigated without stopping our roofing slate production.

Ashley worked through the night and all weekend to carry out the work. The old roof had plaster bonding and stability issues which Zac and Ashley’s product managed to cure and also gave the added benefit of warming the production unit up in winter and also keeping the production unit cool in the summer.

In another Department there was an issue with condensation coming off a steel corrugated roof the problem was sorted out in less than a day.

I would Recommend Zac and Ashley and the superb foam insulation to anyone

Andy Smith – Production Manager – Welsh Slate
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