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We block heat loss, save energy and prevent water intrusion

A few benefits of using Ecotite Spray Foam Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Ecotite spray foam insulation has the best Eco insulation properties available on the market today and is the ultimate solution for reducing your energy bills.


Up to 90% of all heat loss is due to air leakage across the building fabric. Spray foam acts as an air barrier, prevents air leakage and seals cracks and voids.

Eco Friendly

Because of Eco insulation, results show dramatically reduced energy and environment impacts in both residential & commercial insulation. Benefits during the use phase far outweigh the impact associated with manufacturing the raw product. Spray foam can also be sprayed to an existing roof eliminating re-roofing & having to be moved to land fill.

Easy to Apply

It speeds up construction. Space is ready to use immediately on completion.


Will not interact with water. Great to combine as a vapour barrier on buildings with no cavity like barn conversions.


Polyurethane foam is a liquid which creates a lightweight breathable plastic monolithic waterproof membrane that covers the entire area. There are no seams, joints or thermal bridging.

Extending building life

By sealing the roof, wall or floor spray foam protects against premature deterioration of the building fabric due to weathering. Also, due to the foams airtightness, problems associated with moisture intrusion are prevented.

Hard to treat/Conforming

The foam can be sprayed onto virtually any surface, irregular shaped walls & protrusions are readily taken care of.

Chemically Inert

Its physical & insulating properties are permanent as is the air seal. The spray foam will give you peak efficiency and massive savings for the life cycle of the building.

Does not shrink, settle or sag

The reaction that creates the stability is irreversible.


Eliminates slipping tiles/slates when sprayed onto directly. Its rigid nature increases the overall structural integrity by as much as up to 3 times. Works great on old crumbling walls.

Flood defence

Closed cell foam is the only insulation recommended by The Association of British Assurers (A.B.I.) to use in flood risk areas & to pass the B.R.E. flood resilience test.

Prevents thermal bridging

Different components of building construction have different thermal resistances. This can produce cold spots that lead to condensation inside the walls and dramatically reduces the insulations efficiency. With spray foam being seamless it eliminates the transmission of heat or cold. Fully adhered foam replaces the need for adhesives or numerous mechanical fasteners that penetrate the surface which also dramatically reduces the insulations efficiency.

Prevents convection within the walls 

Intrusion of air into the stud/cavity wall causes convection and dramatically reduces the insulations efficiency making a U value negate.

Light weight

The high strength to weight ratio of foam makes for an ideal product for roofing or re – roofing.

Semi Permeable Membrane

Breathes. In building science terms allows water vapour to pass through but rejects bulk water.


Spray foam acts as an air barrier, prevents air leakage and seals cracks and voids. Air leakage can contribute to problems with moisture, dust, noise, pollutants, cluster fly’s, insects & rodents. Health benefits are characteristics that make spray foam a green product.


Due to its excellent insulation value, it reaches room temperature rapidly and retains the heat at a consistent temperature significantly longer.