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Ecotite spray foam insulation is designed to be used in agricultural facilities as well as industrial settings. As an example, Ecotite can be used to insulate cold-storage buildings for agricultural products and poultry houses giving the building thermal insulation and condensation control protecting livestock and valuable crops. Ecotite reduces operating costs in poultry houses by effectively eliminating unwanted air infiltration, sealing and insulating side walls, end walls, and ridge caps, either in new or retrofit applications.

Ecotite can also be used to completely seal and insulate curtain side walls Roller/shutter doors, further reducing energy consumption. This spray in place Insulation seals air leaks without a separate vapour barrier needed. Ecotite spray applied polyurethane insulation can be applied to all types of construction materials to form a completely seamless, air and water tight membrane.

Ecotite spray foam can be applied rapidly with minimal impact on poultry house operations. For the agriculture professional, the benefits include lower production costs, reinforced structures, and blackout for improved poultry growth rates. Ecotite is also appropriate for air seal controlled atmosphere storage facilities. The unique properties of this spray-in-place polyurethane insulation and sealant systems enable agricultural professionals to maximize their yields and their return on investment. As well as sealing minor cracks and bolt holes, eliminating condensation and dramatically reducing energy costs you also get the additional benefit of the foam stabilising the building fabric which will prolong the life of the roof by up to 25 years. The dramatic reduction in energy costs will quickly cover the cost of having the product installed.

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