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Ecotite Asbestos Encapsulation – Cheap, Fast, Safer – Also makes Watertight, Stabilises & Insulates in one application.

Business owners have a duty to manage any asbestos in their workplace. Asbestos encapsulation is a very fast and cheap option in solving those worries.

Attempting to remove asbestos sheeting from a building is more hazardous than simply covering it up. When asbestos is disturbed, small particles drift into the air with the air space quickly becoming contaminated. Therefore, the best solution is to manage asbestos by containing it using spray foam encapsulation techniques. While it might not seem safe to cover asbestos, the truth of the matter is that asbestos encapsulation is a very safe and fast procedure when done correctly. The removal of asbestos is not recommended, though this procedure is possible is an expensive procedure. Simply covering up an asbestos problem with encapsulation proves to be a much cheaper, far quicker and less disruptive alternative than removing asbestos.

When using Ecotite spray foam for asbestos encapsulation you are also getting the added benefits of an airtight superior insulation product, watertight seal and protection against wind uplift during storms. With the spray foam greatly enhancing the structural strength of the roof and protecting the building fabric from weathering this should help prolong the life of the roof by up to 25 years.

The dramatic reduction in heating costs will quickly recover the cost of having the spray foam installed without the cost and inconvenience of removing the roof.


Hartlebury, Worcestershire

Hartlebury, Worcestershire< Hartlebury, Worcestershire<

Asbestos Tile Roof – Boston, Lincolnshire

Asbestos Tile Roof - Boston, LincolnshireAsbestos Tile Roof - Boston, Lincolnshire