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Barn conversions – listed buildings – conservation

Barn-ConversionsDue to their location and age, barn conversions, listed buildings and conservation projects can give us more problems to think about than usual when it comes down to redesigning.

      • Damp, Irregular, crumbling & solid walls
      • Cathedral/vaulted ceilings
      • Retaining period/ character features
      • Floors
      • Cluster flies & rodents
      • Changing the aesthetic look
      • Flooding
      • Air/noise pollution
      • No cavity
      • Poor insulation
      • Space

Ecotite Spray foam is the most versatile insulation on the market and will take care of all these problems in one application.

The roof is the most predominant feature of the barn. The major pitfalls when dealing with cathedral/vaulted ceilings is they are a notorious energy waster when traditional insulation is used. When spray foam is used, a warm roof is constructed allowing you to maximise limited space as an air gap is not required. That allows you the option of leaving period features exposed without raising the height of the roof.

When using, spray foam all cracks, gaps, irregular shapes & awkward areas are taken care of quickly and easily which would otherwise have no insulation preventing convective heat loss or gains at the same time.

The spray foam gives the building an airtight conditioned space making it far more efficient and comfortable during cold and warm conditions while greatly improving the structural integrity of the building.

Due to their design or past use, common problems people face with barn conversions like damp, salt contamination & agricultural pollution are easily taken care of when using Ecotite spray foam insulation.

By using the spray foam on listed buildings, it could help in avoiding having to change the aesthetic look and building fabric matching on the outside especially on roofs when working in conservation areas.

If your project is in an area prone to flooding or your worried about future flooding due to climate change don’t worry. As well as all the other attributes the spray foam has it will also protect your property from flooding. Ecotite spray foam insulation is the only insulation product on the market to be recommended by the Association of British insurers (ABI) to be used in flood risk areas and to pass the BRE flood resilience test.

We offer a free U Value and condensation risk report service.

Redditch, Warwickshire

Redditch, WarwickshireRedditch, WarwickshireRedditch, WarwickshireRedditch, Warwickshire

Ewhurst, Surrey

Ewhurst, SurreyEwhurst, Surrey

Scotch corner, North Yorkshire

Ewhurst, SurreyEwhurst, Surrey

Birstwith, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Ewhurst, SurreyEwhurst, SurreyEwhurst, SurreyEwhurst, Surrey

We have been very fortunate and privileged to of been involved in many high value/spec barn conversions. like the project above/ below in Birstwith, Harrogate, Yorkshire which was being converted into a luxurious holiday cottage.

We are now noticing more and more Architect technologists approaching us and asking for advice about the building science of our spray foam insulation and its process. With reoccurring condensation problems being experienced with completed barn conversions they are starting to become aware that our product Is the only way to completely seal the walls. This prevents the worry of these problems further down the road while at the same time providing a superior energy efficient insulation. Barn walls that have been exposed to the elements for many years need time to dry out. Closed cell spray foam insulation is the only insulation that allows this, without degrading and compromising its insulations properties.

Insulation is one of the most important components of a building project, especially barn conversions but sadly very often overlooked.

Barnard Castle, Durham Dales, Teesdale

Barnard Castle, Durham Dales, TeesdaleBarnard Castle, Durham Dales, TeesdaleBarnard Castle, Durham Dales, TeesdaleBarnard Castle, Durham Dales, Teesdale

Chipping Campden, Cotswold, Gloucestershire

When Spray Foam Insulation Is The Only Option.

Green belts, National Parks, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Rural Replacement Policy

Planning policies vary in different areas, but most have a specific policy in their local plans or new-style local development frameworks that sets out the circumstances in which replacements can be allowed. Policies are inevitably more restrictive in areas like Green belts, National Parks, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty,

When a building is beyond renovating it might be possible to demolish and rebuild using identical construction methods. The project below we worked on in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire had to be rebuilt using a single skin roof panel. If traditional insulation boards were used it would leak air like a sieve and you would then most certainly have condensation problems within the building fabric. The spray foam seamless seal prevents air and moisture intrusion, meaning a dew point will never be met and you end up with a very energy efficient building. The closed cell spray foam also gave additional building strength including resistance to wind uplift.

The occupants will also feel the added benefits of the spray foam during warm summer periods. Due to the structure of spray foam insulation it enables it to reflect solar radiation, keeping the building cooler and more comfortable..

We sprayed 150 mm to meet current building regulations. The work took 2 days to complete.

There was only one option of insulation for the builder to use on this occasion and that was Ecotite spray foam insulation.

Barn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversionsBarn conversions

Albury Park Mansion, Albury Park, Albury, Guildford, Surrey

Albury Park Mansion, Albury Park, Albury, Guildford, SurreyAlbury Park Mansion, Albury Park, Albury, Guildford, Surrey

Albury park mansion, Guildford, Surrey is a Grade 11* listed stately home which was being converted into apartment’s that were being sold individually for up to £3 million. Spray foam insulation was applied to the underside of the flat roof to provide a warm roof construction which resolved a problem as redesigning the roof was restricted due to it being a historic building.

Think twice, insulate once

Ecotite spray foam – Only insulation that does more than one job and lasts for ever.

U Value is negated (Ineffective) without an air seal. Ecotite spray foam provides u value & and an air seal.

Ecotite spray foam has the best insulation properties available on the market today and is the ultimate solution for reducing your energy bills.

Spray foam insulation is so cost effective it has the shortest payback time of 1 – 2 years compared to 10 years with solar panels and highest return over other renewable or energy saving building products.

Ecotite spray foam is applied rapidly to roofs & exposed areas speeding up construction & reducing costs.

No project is complete until you have used Ecotite spray foam insulation.

It’s not about introducing expensive heat source systems it’s all about choosing the best insulation!