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We block heat loss, save energy and prevent water intrusion

Block Heat Loss

Savings of more than 50% on heating bills are possible if installed properly!

Block-Heat-Loss_2Is your roof losing £££ expensive heat like the house on the right?

Even though the house had 150mm of mineral wool in the loft due to its design needs to allow air to flow through it. Imagine the heat loss year after year. Lost heat not only melts snow but costs you money.

Spray foam has the best insulation properties available on the market today and is the ultimate solution for reducing your energy bills.

Spray foam insulation will maximise a homeowner’s investment by sealing the building envelope to stop conditioned indoor air from escaping and unconditioned air from entering. Air exchange in and out of a home is a leading cause of escalated energy bills and will also enhance premature deterioration of the building fabric due to weathering. The mechanical systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating; reducing extreme temperature variations. By using spray foam insulation, it saves on the overuse of mechanical systems and leads to dramatically lower energy bills.

Our customers are always informing us after having the spray foam applied, on how they have noticed how much quicker their home or business premises are warming up and longer it is retaining the heat after switching the heat off. It wouldn’t be unusual if you see a return on your investment well within 2 years if installed properly and depending on what is happening in the rest of the house. If after our site visit we think you need to address other cold spots first before you would see the benefits of the spray foam insulation, we will explain and advise. Our commercial customers experience a much faster return on their investment, with some telling us within 6 months.

The bed factory below has no heating system inside. As the factory happened to be between two other units we only had to focus on the roof and gable ends on this job. After the contractor, had completed a walk through with us and had explained the nature of the business taking place in the factory they took our advice and didn’t bother installing a heating system which gave them a massive saving. Since completing the job the factory manager has informed us that the heat they are generating themselves only drops when they lift the roller doors to allow materials to move in and out, but once closed the area was back to room temperature within about 10 minutes. One of the reasons we were awarded the contract was that we identified certain areas that would need to be sealed to maximise the full benefit of the spray foam.


Willesden, London


Worried about frozen pipes or tanks? Don’t worry spray foam loft insulation doesn’t just keep your home warm & cosy. Due to the spray foam being seamless and airtight a thin layer of spray foam prevents air intrusion protecting your tanks and water pipes during extreme cold weather conditions.

Little Molton, Oxfordshire

Little Molton, OxfordshireLittle Molton, Oxfordshire

As you can see from the email below the savings which can be achieved by having the spray foam installed can be huge. The theatre below was experiencing major problems with trying to heat whilst getting ready for shows. One of the reason being (which we explained on our site visit) was the theatre happened to be underneath a car park & unfortunately had a concrete waffle system as their ceiling. Due to this the theatre was losing a lot of heat due to conduction. Prior to us installing the spray foam they were paying in the region of £900. They were having to put the heat on at least 6 hours prior to the show starting to try & get the theatre somewhere near room temperature. They also had to run the heating system during performances to try and retain the temperature which was also causing problems as the noise was interrupting the shows. After applying a layer of 40mm of spray foam it’s now taking about 20 mins to get to room temperature.

Forum Studio Theatre, Chester

Forum Studio Theatre, ChesterForum Studio Theatre, Chester

As you will see the rest is history!

When I was looking for a company to quote for insulating the ceiling/roof of our studio theatre I firstly looked for a local company. The nearest was about 40 miles away. It turned out really well because it was Ecotite. I met with their consultant, Zac, and after several discussions and a site visit I decided not to look any further. I am totally satisfied with their sales approach; their presentation; preparation; attention to detail and most importantly the cost of the job.

Prior to my association with Ecotite the theatre was extremely difficult to heat; we would manage to reach about 19 degrees after about 6 hours and all heat dissipated quickly resulting in very large gas bills (over £900). Since October 2013 when the foam was installed our heating bills have tumbled. As an example, In December we presented our Christmas show throughout the month. This year it cost us only £78 for the entire 22 days! Once the required temperature was reached and heating switched off we lost maybe one degree in about six hours. In subsequent shows the temperature has been comfortable, occasionally a complaint or two about excess heat!

I wholeheartedly recommend Ecotite.

Peter Swingler OBE
Tip Top Productions
Forum Studio Theatre

It’s not about introducing expensive heating systems it’s all about choosing the best insulation!