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Barn Conversion, Durham Dales

Barn Conversion


The Builder/ Stone mason has vast experience with many barn conversions under his belt around Lake District Bernard Castle,Cowes and Durham Dales.


There were several factors which made it easy for the builder on deciding how to insulate the barn being converted. The first issue to overcome here was finding a product suitable for use on the surface of stone as well as block work and sarking board. The property also faced issues with being exposed to the elements particularly wind and wind driven rain, the insulation not only needed to be able keep the house warm but remain unaffected by the elements the property would be exposed to. As all the internal/external walls had been exposed for many years we needed a product that would prevent condensation as the walls were drying out.


The studded walls were fitted 25 mm away from the walls to allow for the spray foam to get around the back of the stud to prevent cold bridging; Spray foam insulation was the ideal solution for this barn conversion as its adhesive qualities meant it was suitable for application on the Stone, block work and sarking board. The closed cell structure of spray foam also combats the issues of wind driven rain, as the closed cell structure means the insulation will not be effected by rain water.

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A well-insulated airtight property protected from the harsh weather elements experienced in this area. The external appearance of the property was unchanged and the property also had eliminated draughts and the resultant low air leakage volume, ensured that the living areas will be very comfortable.

When the client was asked why he chose spray foam insulation he said:

There were several reasons for using spray foam insulation: –

  • Because of the construction of the barn (original stone and adjoining new stone cavity, concrete block).
  • To form a continuous, even and high u value insulation.
  • To achieve insulation with no cold bridging.
  • To form continuous vertical damp proof membrane.
  • To form continuous draft proofing over all surfaces.
  • To achieve all the above at varying reveals and abutments with no loss of performance.
  • This method also produces no waste material and because of the speed of installation is cost effective.


And when asked about the installation carried out by us the client said the following:

The installation was carried out in a very professional and courteous manner with a complete understanding of our required specification.

Thanks again Ecotite for another job well done, we shall be using and recommending your company in the future.