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How its applied

Spray Polyurethane foam is applied using commercial high pressure, plural-component proportioners.

Spray Polyurethane foam equipment is integral to the entire process of applied spray foam from transferring the components out of the 55 gallon drums, to properly heating and pressurising the materials, to pumping them through hoses, to finally mixing and spraying.

The two components (side A and side B) that combine to make spray polyurethane foam are typically supplied in 55-gallon drums. Once in use on job site they are transferred from the drums sat in the back of the truck/van to the proportioning machine via specialised transfer pumps, through the primary heaters, through the extendable heated hoses and out to the spray gun.

The 2 materials are kept separated through the entire system until they come together at the end of the spray gun, where they are mixed and spray applied to the target.