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We block heat loss, save energy and prevent water intrusion

Office/showroom/swimming pool refurbishments

Rubicon Interiors

We have completed several refurbishment contracts for Rubicon Interiors around central London. We were invited to give them a quote for their new offices/warehouse roof. On my site visit I found out that the roof was already double skinned so was insulated to a certain extent. I realised then that their primary concern, condensation wouldn’t be a problem. After getting my briefing and viewing the plans, I realised that one side would only be used for general storage/work area and parking for their vans. As the unit was located right opposite one the busiest station/railway lines into London and that the vans would be going in and out of the warehouse side there would considerable interference for the office staff working in one area. I advised them that they would be better of isolating the offices from the warehouse with the spray foam rather than spray the warehouse roof. We sprayed (40mm) to all external walls, roof & under the mezzanine floor within the office areas. The result gave thema very efficient office area&boardroom. We not only gave them an excellent insulation, we eliminated noise/air pollution & moisture intrusion giving the 20 plus office staff a very healthy working environment to work in during both cold & warm periods.


Sevenoaks, Kent


Wynnstay Stores

We have completed numerous contracts for Wynnstay stores. We completely seal the roof, walls and gables to eliminate heat loss which would be considerably worse than normal due to the building fabric already in place.

Wynnstay Stores – Aberystwyth