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We block heat loss, save energy and prevent water intrusion

Roof/Wall Stabilisation, Restoration & Condensation

Why Re Roof? – Repair, Protect & Insulate in one go – At a fraction of the price of a new roof, and get the best roof insulation and wall insulation.

Provides a lightweight breathable plastic monolithic water proof roof system.

Solves all your roofing & insulation problems quickly & permanently.



Don’t leave it too late to get your roof protected with spray foam roof insulation; it could save you thousands of pounds. Polyurethane closed cell foam technology could save your existing roof and avoid a much higher cost of a re-roof later. Spray foam can be economically applied to the underside of traditional roofs as well as to basically any other building fabric without the use of scaffolding.

To avoid the expense of re-roofing a house that is simply suffering from nail fatigue or degrading back pointing and to obtain optimum insulation at the same time, the spray foam can be sprayed directly onto the underside of the slate, tile or roofing felt. This stabilises and weatherproofs by fixing down the nails, battens, tiles & slates. By using this method, a typical house could cost up to half the cost of re-roofing. By installing at rafter level, it also keeps the loft void warmer and prevents interstitial condensation which regularly occurs when increasing insulation at ceiling level, which then nullifies the insulation. The warmer, drier, cleaner roof space eliminates the risk of pipes and tanks freezing. We will recommend re-roofing when the tiles are completely perished e.g. shaled, porous or the roof is beyond economic repair or renovation. This typically applies to less than 5% of roofs we survey each year. The vast majority of roofs can be treated with spray foam roof insulation then they will be maintenance free for at least 25 years. As the foam roof insulation is sprayed between the rafters and not on the loft floor it allows you to get back that valuable floor space

Chances are, one of the biggest investments you will make is your home or business. We want to help you get the most out of that investment. Why pour your money into the pockets of greedy Utility companies? Get immediate savings on your heating and energy bills when you let Ecotite protect your house or business against harsh winters, hot summers, water/wind damage, condensation, Mold, and more.

Having trouble selling your house due to no felt/perished membrane or back pointing? Is that why your potential buyer is asking for a ridiculous reduction on your asking price as they are saying it needs a new roof? Don’t worry for a fraction of a new roof you could have your roof treated with Spray foam insulation. Our system is BBA and LABC certified hence is recognised by all building authorities, so can’t be knocked by any future buyer’s surveyor.

Give me one good reason to use Ecotite spray foam insulation – We can do a little better than that!
  • Solves all your roofing/insulation problems quickly & permanently
  • Most advanced insulation available on the market today.
  • Blocks heat loss.
  • Fast payback time, can reduce heating by more than 50%.
  • Far Less expensive and disruptive than a re-roof.
  • Replaces torn, perished or missing felt membrane.
  • Cures slipping slates & tiles.
  • Prevents driven rain, wind, snow & sand from entering
  • Creates a dry, warm & usable loft space.
  • Irreversible – optimal insulation performance for the life cycle of the building
  • The most insulation at the least depth sacrifice
  • Typically, 1- 2 days to install.
  • Reinforces and stabilises roof and walls.
  • Eliminates wind uplift.
  • Prevents pipes & tanks from freezing.
  • Eliminates condensation.
  • Eliminates Air/noise pollution.
  • Unmatched indoor comfort.
  • Enhance sound attenuation.
  • Reduced environment impact.
  • Protects against premature deterioration of building materials.
  • Increases the value & selling potential of your home.
  • Maintenance free.
  • No mess, no waste.
  • Proven product for over 25 years.
  • Government BBA and LABC approved so recognized by all building authorities.
  • 25 years manufactures Guarantee.
  • Insurance backed guarantee available.
  • U.K. lowest price, competitive price guarantee.
  • Protects you from both warm and cold conditions.
  • Prevents cluster flyers, rodents & other insects from entering.
Weather the storm


You can’t do anything about the weather, however you can find ways to better the storms. Closed cell foam insulation applied to the underside of the roof will prevent wind uplift and will greatly reduce the risk of wind & water damage during significant bad weather giving you the best roof sealant, bonding and roof insulation in one application.

Leaky roof or condensation?

Have you started noticing patches on your bedroom ceiling or drips while in your loft that weren’t there before? In the past, houses would have had single glazed & leaky windows, air vents in the brick work & of course open fire places which literally drew in cold air. Now we are constantly trying to keep the heat in as much as possible by blocking off any cold spots at ground level. Eventually the heat has only one place to go and that’s up and it’s likely you could have a non-breathable membrane on the underside of the roof which will then cause problems. Don’t panic! It’s more than likely to be condensation in the loft causing the problem rather than a leaky roof. With a small layer of Ecotite spray foam insulation we will be able to solve your problem quickly & permanently, leaving you with the best roof insulation and no roof condensation problems.


St Annes, Lancashire – Problem – Condensation & water ingress


Surrey – Problem – Slipping tiles & water ingress


Rhyl, North Wales – Problem – slipping slates & water ingress

This slate roof building below was erected in 1902 as the Queen’s Arcade, Rhyl, North Wales. The roof was suffering from slipping slates, water intrusion and seagull’s nesting inside. The building was located on a busy pedestrian area with lots of passing footfall and vehicles below.

The slates had started to slip due to nail fatigue and the back pointing/torching degrading due to age and weathering. The main concern was that any slipping slates could drop and badly injure a pedestrian or damage vehicles below. The building was also deteriorating fast due to water and seagull damage.

The fastest, most economical and least disruptive way to make the roof safe, watertight & prevent wind uplift was to push all loose slates back, replace missing slates then stabilise and seal the roof with a 25mm coating of closed cell spray foam insulation.
Rhyl, North Wales – Problem Rhyl, North Wales – Problem


Wall Stabilisation & Insulation

Ecotite spray foam insulation also works very well when stabilising walls, you’re also getting the added benefits of a vapour & air barrier in one application. On this project as all the walls had deteriorated so much, they had different odours (smoke, cooking etc.) coming through the walls from the adjoining property. Those problems were quickly taken care of with the spray foam due to its airtightness. We also applied the spray foam insulation to the underside of the floor and roof on this project.

Old Trafford, Manchester – Wall Stabilisation

Old Trafford, Manchester – Wall StabilisationOld